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Bulbophyllum lobbii var polystictum

Maza memiliki bulbo ini pada 3 bulan yang lepas daripada dengan ID Bulbophyllum polystictum. Namun tak diduga dan disangka oleh Maza yang ianya akan berbunga begitu cepat. Namun hasil pengamatan Maza, bulbo ini lebih mirip kepada Bulbophyllum lobbii apabila melihat akan bunga bulbo ini.

Carian Maza di internet juga gagal untuk mendapatkan maklumat secara menyeluruh dan mendalam mengenai bulbo polystictum ini. Apa-apa pun Maza teruja dengan bulbo ini.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures:

I bought this species with ID:Bulbophyllum polystictum. But now when its bloom i wonder is it polystictum or it is lobbii?

For me, it is more to bulbophyllum lobbii but from my research on the internet and others resources it also can be synonyms with polystictum. So far, i can't find any details information about Bulbophyllum polystictum but this doesn't mean that i will stop continuing my research to find the exact bulbophyllum polytisctum. I will continue my journey to find the real or the exact Bulbophyllum polytisctum or else i find the true answer about this species.

I just got this plant about 2 months ago and didn't expect it to bloom now. Anyhow i'm glad that i'm still have a such wonderful flower.. :)

Appreciate if anyone that have a same experience with me to share the ID of this species and also i welcome any opinion regarding this species.

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